Beauty is on TV and billboards

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is at least what they say. Or is it? You know, years ago I would agree; things were somehow easier then, clearer. Nowadays, it is a lot more complicated.

Have you ever thought about all the ecpectations that the young generation has to face, and live up to, these days? All the fashion rules, all the things you see on TV, in all types of advertising – if you are a teenager – you need to fulfil so many criteria it’s dizzy. Or, you become the wierdo in school.

We all uderstand the Hollywood standards, all models for both men and women; we understand that they are artificially created to keep us slaves to the ever-cycle of all sorts of industries; we do that in a conversation, in discussions, during parents’ meetings at school, when talking to our psychotherapist. Sure. But when it comes to our lives – why is it so hard to internzlize and put to practice all these things we are so fully aware of?

Many parents say it so hard to bring up a teenager these days. It is so demanding. But kids haven’t changed, not really. We have changed, together with the times and our culture.

Society is coming down so hard on us these days; rules are changing every day and we are gasping and trying to keep up. Well, then, if it is so hard on us – why should it be easier on our children? I bet you never tried to place yourself in the shoes of your 17-year old daughter, and don’t say “We were young once too”. The times when I was young have nothing in common with today’s. Now, you need to be in full gear just to go to school! Make-up, shoes, clothes, hairdo, your daddy’s car, your parents’ jobs – all needs to be trendy. If not you get picked on, selected to be different, and thus isolated. And, you know, different was good back in my day; everybody tried hard to be different, fighting the mainstream. Not now.

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder any more. It is on TV, on billboards, in the classrooms. Brainwashed, same beauty, making 12-year-olds look like tired bored whores. Sad.

Barbie doll stereotype

As of late, there has been quite a flood of articles, newsflash-style, on beauty alterations, done mostly by teenagers, and mostly to themselves. It is nothing new, really, yet things are somehow going too fast, and too far.

A girl wanting to look like a Barbie doll must be the average 11-year-olds’ dream, yet done in reality it kind of sounds, and looks scary. We all got to see the picture of a young and beautiful girl, who really looks as if preserved in formaline for years, and looking like your grandma’s first Barbie doll – the sterotype and all – blonde hair, alien blue eyes, and perfect lips. Now, since Cher some would say that nothing is really impossible, when appearance is concerned. We all know her story; maybe some of us were really outraged by this act against nature, but, man, at least she looks human! The |Russian girl in quiestion, on the other hand, did not, at least to me.

Plastic surgery is one thing, but isn’t this going too far? I mean, it all looks sci-fi to me! We all have seen those fright-inspiring movies where we are transported to the far-off future, and people, and cars, and place are all different.

Oh, maybe it is because I am already getting old, belonging to the former generation of ex-teenagers, or maybe because I grew up in the 90s when things were more human, and humane, and hence the reaction. I would vote, both thumbs up, for plastic surgery if it were necessary, and believe me – for some people it is! – but being young and pretty, and wanting to turn into a doll…. this is just twisted.

Who, what is to blame? Is it all the ads and commercials on TV, is it the beauty magazines, is it the sick MTV culture, the American dream? I don’t know, maybe all of them. The shocker for me was not a psycho’s decsion to cut out the human part, but rather the support and admiration it got all over. Which means that in people’s eyes this is all right. Or maybe the future has arrived?

If so, I am not optimistic.

Keeping fit is a quite tough job

Keeping fit and healthy is a bitch. Every single person who has ever tried knows that unless you are totally possessed by the mania of fitness and trainings – it is quite tough to keep it up, especially in our busy, hectic world.

What should we do? Well, for one, diets and regular exercise are a must. You need to be careful at all times about all the food you take, all the calories calculated and balanced. No fat, quite a lot of meat and whole bread, plenty of fruit and vegetables. We know all this so well it hurts.

There are people who are massively overwhelmed by fitness. This is totally OK, I am not a racist in any way. I am just not really sure as to why they are doing this. Of course, there are people who need to do it for health reasons; it is the doctor’s prescription – or you die at the age of 50. But there are those others, the shady ones, who just get addicted. Yes, I know it sounds as strange as hell, and quite masochistic, but I believe it to be true. Some people just freak out and start actually organizing their lives around this. They do not keep sugar or salt at home; they get up insanely early in the morning just in order to get the chance to go for a jog. Such crazy stuff.

And why? Why on earth would a person do this to himself? Well, let’s say that I am not the sporty type – never was, never will be. I totally do not get those folks and I guess I might die drinking, smoking and having fun out there. I just wonder – is such a life worth it? And what are all those people punishing themselves for?

So, dear reader, I trust the reason for fitness mania is rooted deeply into your subconscious. And it is a psych-condition. But, hey, this is just me!